March 18, the director of the Padua Observatory delivers 1000 masks to the civil defense

Today I formally delivered 1000 masks to the Civil Protection of Padua which we had supplied to use them in our clean room for the assembly of optical instrumentation for space or for the major telescopes on the planet. It is a drop in the ocean of the needs of our health system in this dramatic moment, and surely soon the action of enlightened entrepreneurs will fill most of these needs, but it is the drops that form the sea. A heartfelt thanks to Giancarlo Farisato, Leopoldo Benacchio, Antonella Cecchinato, Jacopo Farinato, Nicola Di Cicco, Luigi Lessio, Gaetano Telesio and to all the very kind and highly efficient staff of the Civil Protection for having contributed to this small “operation”.

The director of the Astronomical Observatory of Padua, Roberto Ragazzoni, announces on Facebook how the Observatory can help in this difficult moment.

Media INAF reports:

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