The two towers (II)

A first day of testing on the OTT, although it is still separated into two parts…

Complying with the anti-COVID19 standards (i.e. wearing masks when distancing is not possible) we started the inspection and verification procedures on the OTT. Why? Because the designs and ideas are 3 years old and there have been many steps from the idea to the finished object. And therefore it is important to verify it. Also because there are many elements that we have not considered, and fortunately someone else did.
In the meantime, Marco takes care of one of the most important activities: preparing the remote connection to let us working from Arcetri (or from home)

Marco prepares the workstation to control the OTT and sets up the remote connection to access the OTT from Arcetri. In the meanwhile, he asks Gigi to “export” temperature probes data.

Giorgio and Nicolò work on two main tasks:

  • to verify the alignment mechanism of the spider amrs, holding the folding mirror and L3 lens. This system is designed to be a separated optical bench, but it’s not easy to to control (in tilt-shift) a 1.5 m long X, to sub-mm precision.
  • to familiarize with the OTT and its accessibility, and to update the mounting and alignment procedures.

This last point is particularly importante: in the beginning we considered to install and align the optics while the OTT was on the ground (as it is now). In the meanwhile, also due to delays in the procurement of the 1.5 m parabola, we are forced to build up the OTT before receiving the optics. So basically, we now need to uderstand how to access the regulation screws when they are 4 m from the ground, and how to lift the interferometer up to its cell, without colliding with the structure.

Don’t miss the next episode! We will show you the installation of the optical elements and the first validation tests!